Magnetic Light Screen

Prevents Wasps, Hornets, Bees, Dirt Daubers, Birds, and Bats From Nesting in Outdoor Can Lights

Prevent wasps from nesting inside your outdoor can lights with the Magnetic Light Screen.  “I created this product because I hate wasps.  Using sprays did not stop the wasps from rebuilding nest after nest in my outdoor can lights. I decided there had to be a better way.”

After months of R&D and testing I developed the Magnetic Light Screen.  I wanted a product that was easy to install and remove for bulb replacement. And, prevent wasps and other insects and pests from nesting in my can lights.  And, not diffuse the light like other plastic light shields.

The installation video shows how fast and easy the Magnetic Light Screen is to install.  You can install the Magnetic Light Screen to any recessed can light that has a trim ring measuring 8” in diameter with a 5” opening.  If the current trim ring is not made of metal and doesn’t accept a magnet.

We have you covered. We have an accessory ring that is peel and stick that will attach to any trim ring material. Plastic, aluminum, whatever. Once you put this trim ring in place it is now magnetic receptive and the light screen will stick to it just like it would to a metal trim ring.

You can paint the rim to match the color of your soffit.  Just use acrylic paint.  Do not paint the screen.

We want happy customers so before you order please make sure that your bulb can be raised flush with the trim ring. Before ordering please see the installation page for more information.

Enjoy a wasp free environment around your home.